Unleashing the Power of Graphene in Headphones

Unleashing the Power of Graphene in Headphones

In recent years, graphene has emerged as a game-changing material in the headphone industry. With its exceptional properties, graphene is revolutionizing the way we experience sound. But what exactly is graphene and how does graphene affect headphones?


Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial composed of carbon atoms 1/1000th the thickness of paper, but 200 times stronger than steel. The rigidity and toughness of graphene materials are significantly improved compared to traditional diaphragms. In traditional moving coil unit diaphragms, rigidity and toughness are like the two ends of a needle, and it is difficult to strike a balance. The application of graphene material in the design and production process of moving coil headphone diaphragms means that the physical properties of moving coil units will produce a leap forward, bringing consumers better sound quality. Graphene's key advantages lie in its ultralight and ultrathin nature coupled with exceptional strength, making it a perfect fit for headphone diaphragms.


Specifically, when it comes to headphone diaphragms, graphene's exceptional rigidity enables fast sound conduction, leading to extended high frequencies, enhanced transparency, and greater detail in the sound reproduction. Graphene also minimizes low-frequency distortion, allowing for precise and accurate sound reproduction, faithfully preserving the original signal. Furthermore, its thin and lightweight characteristics contribute to ultra-low energy consumption and effortless driveability as a diaphragm. These qualities make graphene an ideal material for creating immersive audio experiences.


At 1MORE, we have harnessed the power of graphene and integrated it into a wide range of our products. Our diamond-like carbon (DLC) diaphragm, made from graphene, can be found in our spatial audio earbuds AERO, high-fidelity over-ear headphones SONOFLOW, high-fidelity wireless earbuds EVO, and feather-light small headphones Comfobuds Mini. By leveraging the unique properties of graphene, we have achieved outstanding musical atmospheres and significantly improved resolution across the entire frequency range, surpassing traditional moving coil headphones.


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