How to Choose the Perfect Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Students

How to Choose the Perfect Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Students


Are you a student looking for the ideal wireless Bluetooth headphones? With so many options available, it can be challenging to make the right choice. As experts in the field of acoustic research and development, 1MORE is here to guide you through the selection process. We'll help you find the perfect headphones that suit your needs and budget.


  1. Key Considerations for Purchasing Bluetooth Headphones


    1. Audio Format: Understand the different audio codecs such as SBC, AAC, aptX, and LDAC, and their impact on sound quality.


      1. Unraveling Bluetooth Audio Codecs:


        • SBC (Subband Coding): The earliest codec with a high compression rate, but it compromises sound quality due to its low bit rate.

        • AAC (Advanced Audio Coding): A high compression ratio algorithm that surpasses SBC in delivering better sound quality.

        • aptX: CSR's patented codec offering lower latency and enhanced transmission bit rates for a seamless audio experience.

        • LDAC: Sony's revolutionary wireless audio coding technology, currently regarded as the pinnacle of Bluetooth coding, providing unparalleled sound quality.


      2. Why Codec Selection Matters:


        • Sound Fidelity: Different codecs have varying abilities to reproduce audio with clarity, depth, and accuracy.

        • Latency: Some codecs reduce audio delay, ensuring synchronized audio and video playback.

        • Transmission Quality: Higher bit rates result in improved audio transmission, minimizing data loss and compression artifacts.


      3. Finding Your Perfect Codec:


        • Consider your priorities: Are you an audiophile seeking the utmost sound quality or a gamer requiring low latency?

        • Device Compatibility: Ensure your Bluetooth device supports your desired codec for seamless connectivity.

        • Personal Preference: Experiment with different codecs to find the one that suits your ears and enhances your listening pleasure.


    2. Wearing Comfort: Don't overlook comfort as it can greatly enhance your listening experience. Consider factors like weight and materials used.


    3. Noise Reduction Capability: Noise cancellation plays a pivotal role in creating an immersive and distraction-free audio experience with your Bluetooth headphones. Let's explore the two main types of noise cancellation and their impact on sound quality.


      1. Passive Noise Cancellation: Passive noise cancellation relies on physical methods to block out external sounds. In-ear Bluetooth headphones inherently provide a certain level of passive noise cancellation by fitting snugly in the ear, reducing ambient noise to some extent.


      2. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC):


          • How ANC Works: Active noise cancellation utilizes external microphones to detect ambient sounds. It then generates an inverse sound wave to cancel out the detected noise, effectively reducing its impact on your listening experience.

          • Optimizing Noise Reduction: Active noise cancellation excels in the presence of specific types of noise, delivering maximum effectiveness in crowded environments or during travel.

          • Consideration in Quiet Settings: In quiet environments, activating ANC may impact sound quality as it can introduce subtle artifacts or alter the natural audio balance.



    4. Design: Choose headphones that not only sound great but also match your style with their sleek and lightweight design.


    5. Battery Life: Opt for headphones that offer long-lasting battery life to keep you grooving without interruptions.


  2. Recommended Cost-Effective Headphones


    1. 1MORE Pistonbuds Pro



      Experience deep bass, bright vocals, and exceptional clarity with a 10mm full-range dynamic driver and aero-titanium diaphragm. Benefit from up to 38dB noise cancellation depth with QuietMax active noise canceling technology.


      • Audio Codec: AAC / SBC

      • Earbud weight (Single): 4.5g

      • Noise reduction capability: QuietMax active noise cancellation

      • Shape: In-ear bean-shaped earbuds

      • Battery Life: 20 hours with case


    2. 1MORE Colorbuds 2



      Personalize your sound profile based on your unique hearing preferences with collaboration from SoundID. Enjoy balanced sound with high resolution and premium bass delivered by a 7mm dynamic driver, graphene film, and double magnetic circuit design.


      • Audio Codec: AptX & AAC

      • Earbud weight (Single): 4.9g

      • Noise reduction: QuietMax active noise cancellation

      • Shape: In-ear bean-shaped earbuds

      • Battery Life: 18 hours with case


    3. 1MORE Comfobuds 2



      Embrace superior comfort and a secure fit with a lightweight and ergonomic semi in-ear design. These earbuds offer 24 hours of battery life and a perfect fit with two sizes of silicone ear tips.


      • Audio Codec: AAC

      • Earbud weight (Single): 4.3g

      • Noise reduction: None

      • Shape: Semi in-ear earbuds

      • Battery Life: 24 hours with case


  3. Recommended Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


    1. 1MORE Aero



      Immerse yourself in sound with real-time Spatial Audio and head-tracking technology. Smart Loudness technology enhances low and high frequencies, allowing you to appreciate every detail even at lower volumes.


      • Audio Codec: AAC/SBC

      • Earbud weight (Single): 4.9g

      • Noise reduction: Up to 42dB

      • Shape: In-ear earbuds

      • Battery Life: 28 hours with case


    2. 1MORE SonoFlow



      Enjoy extreme music quality and original sound reproduction with Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification. The lossless LDAC audio codec technology ensures a rich, rhythmic bass, warm mids, and crisp highs.


      • Audio Codec: LDAC/AAC/SBC

      • Headphone weight: 250g

      • Noise reduction: Up to 35dB

      • Shape: Over-ear headphones

      • Battery Life: 70 hours


    3. 1MORE Comfobuds Mini



      Indulge in superior comfort with their small size and ergonomic design, complemented by four different sizes of silicone ear tips. Experience powerful sound with a 7mm dynamic driver, graphene diaphragm, and dual magnetic circuit design.


      • Audio Codec: AAC/SBC

      • Earbud weight (Single): 3.7g

      • Noise reduction: Up to 40dB

      • Shape: In-ear bean-shaped earbuds

      • Battery Life: 24 hours with case


Don't let confusion hold you back from finding the perfect wireless Bluetooth headphones. Follow these tips and explore our recommended options, each offering unique features such as active noise cancellation, personalized sound profiles, and long-lasting battery life. Enhance your student life with exceptional sound quality and enjoy your favorite music in style with 1MORE headphones.

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